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The release hat-trick! Thu, 10 Jan 2008

I mothered the Miro 1.1 release earlier today. Then I decided to push out PyBlosxom 1.4.3 which I have been sitting on for a month. Then after talking with "paulproteus", I decided to go for the hat-trick and released Lyntin 4.2 as well.

w00t for releasing three software thingies in one day! Boo for sitting on two of them for extended periods of time.

Lyntin 4.2 released! Thu, 10 Jan 2008

It's the last release I do for Lyntin. It's got some new functionality, some bug fixes and I upgraded the license to GPL v3 or later. More on the Lyntin web-site.

Lyntin in ports! Thu, 16 Dec 2004

Lyntin, one of the projects I spent many many hours on, is now listed in the FreeBSD ports system.

Update 12/20/2004: The FreeBSD ports work was done by Ste. Turns out this got Rob excited so much, he built an ebuild for Gentoo! More information in the comments.

Time to step down Thu, 06 May 2004

I've passed off Lyntin maintainership to Eugene a few days ago but made the official announcement today on both the mailing list and the web-site. It's sort of bitter-sweet for me. Sweet in that I needed to drop a project or two because I've got too many. Bitter in that I've spent a lot of time working on Lyntin and I'm leaving with a few things I had wanted to do, but never got around to doing. Even so, it was time to hand it off. So ends a chapter of my development life.

Lyntin status Tue, 06 Apr 2004

The mailing list has been really active. There is definitely a BIG correlation between mailing list activity and my motivation towards fixing things. Some of the things Eugene has said have irked me, but in general he's providing a lot of solid observations which (I think) have led to some really great changes.

In the last few weeks, we've:

  • fixed a couple of bugs
  • optimized out the get_engine() silliness
  • wheedled down the managers (there's still some more to do)
  • optimized the get_current_session() routine
  • optimized the filter_mapper case of hook spamming
  • made some really awesome changes to the python_cmd that make it far more usable

All good stuff none of which would have happened with a quiet mailing list.

MCCP module 0.5 released Tue, 23 Mar 2004

Conan had sent me MCCP handling code back in August or September. It took a while to design the filter hooks that needed to go into Lyntin 4.0 to accomodate network-level data fixing (encryption, compression, ...). After I had added those filter hooks, I never quite got enough time to sit down and finish up the MCCP module...

Until now.

Find the first draft of the Lyntin MCCP module here with the rest of my Lyntin modules and rejoice that I finally got this off my todo list! w00t!

Dusting off Lyntin Sat, 13 Mar 2004

After a hiatus, I made some changes to the Lyntin website after looking at the groovy web-site which I discovered after reading Ted's blog.

It's interesting how I can work on something for tens of iterations honing it here and tweaking it there. Then I'll see something that's very similar to what I'm doing and suddenly everything clicks and *voila* I realize what big changes need to be made for a dramatic improvement.

Anyhow, there's a bunch of stuff in CVS for Lyntin that should get summed up into a release. I may tackle Telnet LINEMODE handling (which really needs to get done) and also the MCCP plugin. Eugene has a really slick curses ui which I think has reached a point where it should get included in the main distribution.

Things are afoot once more!

Lyntin 4.0 released! Sat, 22 Nov 2003

It's nice to release things. Check the website for more details.

Bug guilt trips Wed, 12 Nov 2003

Reading this and this was super! But I have to add the following which account for almost all the bug/feature related emails I get:

  • It would be more efficient if... (this is my personal favorite since it's almost never accompanied by any kind of explanation as to why the sender thinks it's more efficient or what conditions the existing code is inefficient in)
  • You need feature x, otherwise no one will use <software>...
  • It would be more user-friendly if...
  • Everyone will want feature x...
  • Your documentation is terrible...

The last one is totally true. But it's not because I'm a bad person--it's more because I'm pretty much a one-man band and I just don't have time to do everything, so some items suffer until enough people complain (or better yet--contribute).

With Lyntin, I think I've got a really decent user base that's pretty able considering that the documentation is fairly lacking. I wish they were a bit more communicative, but otherwise, it's perfect for my tastes. Easy to deal with, friendly, mature, not overly needy, and pretty supportive. It's one of those things that I think would be somewhat spoiled if I lowered the bar of entry to using Lyntin by making it all user-friendly and such. Who knows? The main important thing to keep in the back of everyone's mind is that Lyntin development is so totally not my day job and I'm more interested in a sophisticated framework than I am in a fancy user interface.

Lyntin 4.0 beta 2 released! Sat, 25 Oct 2003

There's something wonderful about releasing software. I think it's probably the relief associated with throwing it to the world and knowing that you're done with it. Of course, in this case, since it's another beta, that isn't entirely the case. Though I don't plan on touching it for a few days, at least.

Anyhow, more information at

Now I'm going to take a nap and get my clippers and go to a party because I get to sleep an extra hour tonight. Whee!

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