2003-12-31 (/dev/pyblosxom/plugins) registry v.1.2 released
(/dev/pyblosxom/plugins) booklist v.1.3 released
2003-12-23 (/content) when trite isn't a strong enough word
2003-12-21 (/dev/pyblosxom) Updates to my pyblosxom plugins
2003-12-02 (/content) Brook saved my life.


2003-11-26 (/content) Ugh
2003-11-25 (/content) 3 reasons to have a laptop instead of a desktop
2003-11-22 (/dev/lyntin) Lyntin 4.0 released!
2003-11-12 (/dev) Bug guilt trips
2003-11-09 (/debian) Debian (GNU/Linux) thoughts
2003-11-08 (/content) Debian vs. Redhat: Round 1: FIGHT!
2003-11-07 (/dev) Running Oracle 8i on WindowsXP
2003-11-06 (/content) There isn't a do-over
2003-11-02 (/debian) bluesock.org moving....


2003-10-30 (/content) Half full vs. half empty (part 2)
2003-10-29 (/content) Half full vs. half empty
2003-10-26 (/content) His name is Adam
2003-10-25 (/dev/lyntin) Lyntin 4.0 beta 2 released!
2003-10-23 (/content) "naked"
2003-10-21 (/content) Are the Powerpuff Girls hooked on E?
2003-10-07 (/gentoo) It's 2:30pm--do you know what your laptop is doing now?


2003-09-29 (/dev) Icky code....
2003-09-20 (/content) This whole SCO thing
2003-09-18 (/dev/lyntin) Lyntin 4.0 beta 1 released
2003-09-13 (/content) New strings
(/content) I saw a bee
2003-09-05 (/content) Stumbling in the dark...
2003-09-02 (/essays) Ways to avoid spam


2003-08-29 (/content) My plan for outsourcing
2003-08-28 (/content) No more varium
2003-08-22 (/content) On hold with RCN...
(/content) Brinh ogg by onr id gunky....
2003-08-19 (/content) "Letting the genie out of the bottle!..."
2003-08-18 (/content) Moved again
2003-08-08 (/content) A story about my tire


2003-07-25 (/site) Some more minor adjustments
2003-07-23 (/content) that regexp haiku....
2003-07-20 (/site) Minor adjustments to my blog
2003-07-19 (/content) Most interesting way I ever got digits
2003-07-14 (/content) Cats


2003-06-12 (/content) regexp haiku


2003-05-23 (/content) Blogs about blogs--self-referential stuff
2003-05-22 (/content) Something fishy is going on....
2003-05-02 (/content) O'Reilly is such an amazing company
2003-05-01 (/content) I have simple dreams


2003-04-29 (/dev/lyntin) Lyntin 3.3 Released
2003-04-28 (/content) Anyhow...
2003-04-24 (/content) CRUMPETS in TRUMPETS!
(/content) Needs More Entries!
2003-04-21 (/content) Slashdot and TV
2003-04-14 (/dev/pyblosxom) Registry Plugin
2003-04-08 (/dev/pyblosxom) pyinclude plugin (showing off variables-with-arguments)
2003-04-07 (/content) 4/7/2003 summary
2003-04-02 (/content) Caffeinated soap
(/content) "ByAllAccounts tops Forrester's ranking of the aggregation vendors."


2003-03-18 (/dev/pyblosxom) Plugin that injects entries into the list
2003-03-15 (/dev/pyblosxom) Another quick PyBlosxom plugin
2003-03-13 (/dev/pyblosxom) Another PyBlosxom plugin example
2003-03-12 (/content) Cool article on email usage/abusage
2003-03-11 (/dev/pyblosxom) Entries entries entries
2003-03-07 (/dev) NOTE!
2003-03-05 (/dev/lyntin) Lyntin 3.2 released!
(/content) Everytime you change something you learn something new...
(/content) 2001 taxes


2003-02-25 (/content) A Deader Pan
2003-02-19 (/dev/lyntin) Substitutes make life nicer
2003-02-17 (/dev/lyntin) Lyntin status: 2/17/2003
(/content) please....
2003-02-12 (/dev/lyntin) Lyntin 3.1.1 released with super kung-fu #config fix
2003-02-06 (/content) Going to California...
2003-02-04 (/content) product vs. production
2003-02-03 (/dev/lyntin) Lyntin status: 2/6/2003
2003-02-02 (/dev/pyblosxom) PyBlosxom 0.6 released!
(/dev/lyntin) Brief Lyntin break (or was it?)


2003-01-25 (/dev/lyntin) the second Lyntin module development tutorial
2003-01-23 (/dev/lyntin) Lyntin as a large Python project
2003-01-22 (/gentoo) gentoo introduction at MIT
2003-01-20 (/dev/pyblosxom) new super-duper categorylist with kung-fu punch action grip!
(/content) why do I blog?
2003-01-18 (/content) when a sandwich isn't a sandwich
2003-01-16 (/content) how do you feel about occupations?
2003-01-15 (/dev/pyblosxom) pyblosxom api
(/content) farewell to the sillycs
2003-01-10 (/dev/lyntin) tkui is all cleaned up
(/content) too many projects...
(/content) when going to Rose's...
2003-01-08 (/dev/stringbean) Stringbean overhaul completed!
2003-01-07 (/dev/lyntin) Tk is irksome
2003-01-04 (/dev/python) calendar, logger, pyblosxom!
(/dev/lyntin) tutorial on writing basic Lyntin modules