2004-12-30 (/content) Is there a (g|G)od?
2004-12-27 (/content) Sprint PCS (part 2)
2004-12-22 (/content) Getting there...
2004-12-20 (/content) Free time
2004-12-16 (/dev/lyntin) Lyntin in ports!
2004-12-10 (/content) Five things that changed my life this week
2004-12-08 (/dev) Screen
2004-12-07 (/dev) JDEE and Ant
2004-12-02 (/content) gmane is _intensely_ cool
2004-12-01 (/dev) Jumped to Emacs


2004-11-30 (/zaurus) OpenZaurus 3.5.2 released
(/content) Thank yous
2004-11-22 (/content) Got a new case
2004-11-17 (/dev) Netbeans
2004-11-13 (/dev/pyblosxom) Bill Mill, pyblosxom 1.1, sourceforge, et al
2004-11-12 (/content) I'm in that early morning mental fog
2004-11-10 (/content) Konfabulator
2004-11-06 (/dev/pyblosxom) More comment spam
2004-11-04 (/muds) Twisted Reality
2004-11-03 (/content) It's away!
2004-11-02 (/content) Watching the election stuff


2004-10-29 (/content) Marketing emails
2004-10-27 (/content) Predictions about tonight's game
2004-10-19 (/debian) Ubuntu
(/content) Where's Will?
2004-10-14 (/content) Doc Searls on essays about "terrorists"
2004-10-12 (/dev/pyblosxom) PyBlosxom 1.1 status
(/debian) My status with Debian
(/apartment) Spearmint status: 10-12-2004
2004-10-09 (/zaurus) Installing OZ 3.5.1 and OPIE on a Zaurus 5600
2004-10-08 (/dev/pyblosxom) Comment spam
2004-10-05 (/content) Hewlett Packard 10c: where can I find one?


2004-09-27 (/content) status on everything
2004-09-24 (/dev/pyblosxom) comments plugin
2004-09-22 (/content) Volume
2004-09-19 (/content) Talk like a pirate!
2004-09-16 (/dev) removing blank lines in vim
2004-09-15 (/dev/pyblosxom/plugins) rss2renderer 1.4
(/dev/pyblosxom/plugins) booklist 1.6
2004-09-14 (/content) Thunderbird 0.8
2004-09-13 (/content) Things I'm interested in pursuing during grad school
(/content) Apparently my photos are popular
2004-09-10 (/muds) Call for coders and alpha-testers on DarkRifts
2004-09-09 (/content) GRE study thingy
2004-09-07 (/dev/pyblosxom) PyBlosxom analysis
(/content) Signed up to take the GRE
2004-09-02 (/dev/pyblosxom) pyblosxom progress
2004-09-01 (/dev) Decorators and Python
(/content) More munging of style and templates


2004-08-30 (/content) Sprint PCS
(/content) Long weekend of errands and bed frames
2004-08-25 (/content) Craig of Craigslist interview
2004-08-22 (/dev/pyblosxom/plugins) wbgarchives 1.1
2004-08-21 (/dev/pyblosxom) Total foobar
2004-08-19 (/dev/pyblosxom) Thanks!
(/content) One line bio
2004-08-18 (/dev/pyblosxom) What to do with pyblosxom
2004-08-17 (/dev/pyblosxom/plugins) wbgamazon 1.3 released
2004-08-15 (/site) No more calendar
(/dev/pyblosxom/plugins) my own archives plugin
(/content) Busy busy busy
2004-08-05 (/dev/web) meta-refresh for html
(/dev/web) form input text centering
2004-08-04 (/content) Gaping Void and some miscellaneous other stuff
2004-08-02 (/content) If I hear...
(/content) Keep your day job
2004-08-01 (/dev/pyblosxom) Comment spam (part 2)
(/content) Time


2004-07-20 (/content) Too much data
(/apartment) Spearmint
2004-07-13 (/dev/pyblosxom/plugins) wbgamazon plugin fixed
2004-07-12 (/content) Links
2004-07-10 (/dev/pyblosxom) Comment spam
2004-07-02 (/dev/python) File locking in Python--help! (part 2)
2004-07-01 (/dev/python) File locking in Python--help!


2004-06-30 (/dev/pyblosxom) Thinking about releasing a 1.0.1
2004-06-19 (/content) Goodbye Audi S4!
2004-06-17 (/content) Why do talk radio hosts and Times reporters have no talent?
(/content) Firefox and Thunderbird
2004-06-04 (/dev/pyblosxom) New registry plugin soon!
(/content) l337 speak
2004-06-03 (/content) CD Baby
2004-06-01 (/dev/pyblosxom) The templates for my html flavour


2004-05-27 (/content) Meerkat
2004-05-26 (/dev) Open source participation
2004-05-25 (/dev/pyblosxom) Bug reports from everywhere!
2004-05-24 (/dev/pyblosxom) PyBlosxom 1.0 Released!
(/content) Using stamps as a bookmark
2004-05-18 (/dev/pyblosxom) PyBlosxom 1.0 RC1 released
2004-05-16 (/content/books) Seven Pillars of Wisdom
2004-05-15 (/dev/pyblosxom) PyBlosxom: comments, feedback, etc
2004-05-14 (/dev) Handling connection reset issues with bitchx
2004-05-11 (/dev/pyblosxom) gnome-blog
2004-05-10 (/dev) Vi/Vim reference card
(/dev) Programming as if performance mattered
2004-05-06 (/dev/lyntin) Time to step down
2004-05-04 (/dev/pyblosxom) More more static rendering....
(/content) Gizmodo
2004-05-03 (/muds) Game economies
2004-05-02 (/content) Added comments to my site


2004-04-28 (/dev/python) Solving circular import problems with Python code
(/dev/pyblosxom) Fewer plugins
2004-04-27 (/dev/pyblosxom) More static rendering....
2004-04-26 (/content) When I grow up...
2004-04-24 (/dev/pyblosxom) Testing static rendering....
2004-04-23 (/dev/pyblosxom) testing xmlrpc
(/dev/pyblosxom) Static rendering soon....
2004-04-21 (/content) Weirdness, but then maybe not
2004-04-20 (/content) 48 hours: final thoughts
2004-04-19 (/debian) Debian command reference card
2004-04-15 (/content) 48 hours: fourth (and final) group (D)
2004-04-14 (/content) 48 hours: third group (C)
2004-04-08 (/content) Oh yeah
(/content) 48 hours: second group (B)
2004-04-07 (/content) 48 hours: first group (A)
2004-04-06 (/dev/lyntin) Lyntin status
(/content) Who carries what?
2004-04-05 (/dev/pyblosxom/plugins) pystaticfile v.1.5 released
2004-04-02 (/content) Start of 48 hour film thingy!


2004-03-31 (/content) Java and Will
(/content) David Berkeley
2004-03-30 (/content) Text vs. images
2004-03-25 (/debian) Debian cont...
(/content) Tossing around getting an mp3 player
2004-03-23 (/dev/lyntin) MCCP module 0.5 released
(/content) TypeKey? You Blog Me
(/content) Two thoughts
(/content) Projects that are interesting to me (non-exhaustive list):
2004-03-20 (/gentoo) No more Gentoo for me
(/debian) On my (n + 1)th installation attempt
2004-03-17 (/dev/pyblosxom) Pyblosxom 0.9 released!
(/content) Someone just said...
2004-03-13 (/dev/lyntin) Dusting off Lyntin
(/content) Wacky weather day
2004-03-09 (/dev/pyblosxom) verify_installation for pyblosxom
2004-03-06 (/content) But the printer was just fine...
2004-03-05 (/content) No more life category
(/content) Every language war ever
(/content) Bluesock died on Tuesday; resurrected on Thursday


2004-02-29 (/dev/pyblosxom/plugins) registry v.1.3 released
2004-02-24 (/dev/pyblosxom) PyBlosxom 0.9 coming soon.... (revised)
2004-02-20 (/content) Referral spam from Democrats' blogs
2004-02-17 (/dev/pyblosxom) Test from w.bloggar
(/dev/pyblosxom) How to use w.bloggar with pyblosxom
2004-02-14 (/dev) On the goodness of version control
2004-02-11 (/dev/python) A better columnize function than what I wrote...
2004-02-10 (/dev/pyblosxom) testing... testing 1 2 3
2004-02-09 (/content) I have a screw loose
2004-02-07 (/content) Geek Valentine poetry
2004-02-03 (/content) My theory about interacting on the Internet
2004-02-02 (/content) My thoughts on organizers
(/content) Lydia's engaged!


2004-01-27 (/dev/pyblosxom/plugins) pystaticfile v.1.4 released
2004-01-25 (/dev/pyblosxom/plugins) pyblosxom debug plugin: v.1.0
2004-01-21 (/dev/stringbean) Stringbean: Resurrection
(/dev/pyblosxom) Added locking to Pyblosxom
(/content) Gary Gygax speaks
2004-01-15 (/content) The beginnings of SkyNet
2004-01-06 (/content) To get a Mac
(/content) no headlights: the story of my car