2014-12-31 (/mozilla) Input: 2014q4 quarter in review
(/mozilla) Input: 2014 retrospective
2014-12-19 (/mozilla) Input status: December 18th, 2014
2014-12-16 (/dev) Dennis v0.6 released! Line numbers, double vowels, better cli-fu, and better output!


2014-11-26 (/mozilla) Input: New feedback form


2014-10-28 (/mozilla) Input: Removing the frontpage chart
2014-10-07 (/mozilla) Input: 2014q3 post-mortem
2014-10-06 (/mozilla) Input: Dashboards for Everyone v1


2014-09-24 (/content) Hair today, gone tomorrow
2014-09-12 (/mozilla) Input status: September 12th, 2014


2014-08-24 (/dev) Dennis v0.5 released! New lint rules, new template linter, bunch of fixes, and now a service!
2014-08-19 (/mozilla) Input status: August 19th, 2014
2014-08-04 (/mozilla) Input status: August 4th, 2014


2014-07-20 (/mozilla) Input status: July 20th, 2014
2014-07-01 (/mozilla) Input: 2014q2 post-mortem


2014-06-23 (/mozilla) (Updated) Using the bug_mentor field with the Bugzilla REST API to get mentored bugs
(/mozilla) Input status: June 23rd, 2014
2014-06-19 (/mozilla) Using the bug_mentor field with the Bugzilla REST API to get mentored bugs


2014-05-14 (/dev) Fiddling with Kibana
2014-05-13 (/mozilla) Input: changed query syntax across the site
2014-05-01 (/dev) Dennis v0.4 released! Tweaks to Python 3 support, overhauled linter, string-by-string lint rules ignoring


2014-04-21 (/dev) Dennis v0.3.11 released! Fixes and Python 3 support
2014-04-18 (/dev/eadred) Django Eadred v0.3 released! Django app for generating sample data.
2014-04-09 (/pyvideo) pyvideo status: April 9th, 2014
(/dev) Site development using pagekite
2014-04-03 (/dev/elasticutils) ElasticUtils v0.9 released!


2014-02-15 (/pyvideo) pyvideo status: February 15th, 2014