Status: 12/23/2007 and year in review Sun, 23 Dec 2007

It was a pretty wild year for me. I had a massive health crisis at the beginning of the year, wrote an almost-working compiler for a functional language using SML targetting SPIM, finished up grad school, got married, landed a job at Participatory Culture Foundation, made a lot of new friends, mentored a GSoC project, helped out with GHOP, started the big push for PyBlosxom 2.0, released a new version of Bee Careful, Marvin under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license and submitted my first patch for Firefox 3.0.

I started the Nomadic Telecommuting Herd which has regular meetings, but hasn't extended beyond Chris and I, yet. I'll push this more at some point in the spring when it's more fun to go outside.

I also joined a few projects that I haven't been able to get to yet like the Python docs project and Geyser. I'm interested in helping out both of them, but haven't found the time yet.

This year I want to tame the firehose, get some good work done, participate more in other projects, possibly learn C++ and reach out to other people in the area (Somerville, MA, USA) to get together and hack more. I'd also like to get a new laptop, but the longer I wait, the better the possibilities become.

Nomadic Telecommuting Herd Tue, 25 Sep 2007

I was working at a co-working place until this week when I decided to stop working there. The place is really cool, but they're focusing more on renters who are in startups or in startup mode or in the startup community... and I'm not really like that. Also, it was $200 a month and I had this nagging voice in my head that kept telling me that I could spend 6 months of rent on a new laptop instead.

The things I wanted out of a co-working space were:

  1. a place to go outside of my apartment to work, and
  2. hang out with other developers, and
  3. convenient

Thus, I'm starting the Nomadic Telecommuting Herd (or "the herd" for short).

The premise behind it is that herd members build a schedule of places we're "grazing" at. If you want to join a herd that day, so be it. Primarily we'd graze at peoples' apartments/houses/whatever and telecommuter-friendly establishments (cafes, coffee shops, libraries, ...). Chris points out that there are a lot of wifi hot-spots, so it shouldn't be hard to find places to congregate at. This herd will be in the Cambridge/Somerville area of Massachusetts.

If you're interested, check out the web-site and hop on in #herd. If the group gets too big, we'll split into smaller herds either focusing on geography, common interests, hair color or something along those lines.