problems upgrading tetex-bin Sat, 30 Sep 2006

I went to update bluesock today and had wicked problems when it tried to upgrade tetex-bin to version 3.0-18. Every time it'd try to configure tetex-bin, it'd fail with this:

Setting up tetex-bin (3.0-18) ...
Running fmtutil-sys. This may take some time... Error: `etex -ini  
-jobname=jadetex -progname=jadetex &latex jadetex.ini' failed
Error: `pdfetex -ini  -jobname=pdfjadetex -progname=pdfjadetex &p
dflatex pdfjadetex.ini' failed

and lots of other output.

After futzing with things for a while I finally started skimming the Debian BTS and discovered bug 334613. Towards the bottom, Frank says that he can reproduce the bug by having jadetex installed before upgrading.

So I did an apt-get remove jadetex then an apt-get upgrade and tetex-bin installed fine as did everything else. Then I re-installed jadetex and docbook-utils and my system is happy again.

Figured I'd mention it in case anyone else had the same problem.

Update: I have multiple systems: one desktop (running Ubuntu Dapper), one laptop (running Ubuntu Edgy), and one server that I lease from ServerBeach (running Debian Sid). The jadetex problem I had was on the server running Debian Sid. I have no idea if the same problem occurs on my Ubuntu boxen. Figured I'd add that additional detail.

School has started again Sat, 09 Sep 2006

I'm back in classes for my Fall 2006 semester of grad school at NEU CCIS. I'm taking two classes this semester: Semantics in Programming Languages with Professor Wand and Advanced Software Development ith Professor Lieberherr.

I've had two sessions of the Semantics in Programming Languages class and it's been really educational so far. I'm in the process of learning LaTeX so I can type up my notes and do my homework. I picked up docbook a year ago or so to do the PyBlosxom manual and some other work--I like LaTeX a lot more than I liked docbook.

While searching the Internet for LaTeX tutorial/manual resources, I bumped into Getting to grips with Latex. It's been a great tutorial so far--I've picked up almost enough to type up the first two days of notes. The issue I have now is that I need to code some math symbols but I don't really know what the name of the symbol is so it's difficult to find.