bought new glasses Mon, 02 Nov 2009

I had an eye doctor appointment a few weeks ago and discovered my prescription had changed. It wasn't a huge big change like last time (I was in grad school), but it was big enough to warrant new glasses. Not to mention that my current glasses were really scratched up and "well-used".

I have a very limited budget these days. A couple of years ago I read Adventures in $40 eyeglasses. I decided to try buying a pair online this time around.

I bought my pair from I got the Polermo frames ($39) and figured I might as well get the anti-reflective coating ($24). Add on shipping ($5 or something) and an extra charge because my prescription is screwy ($20) and the whole thing was around $90. I had paid $310 for my previous pair. I think $90 is a good step in the right direction. Next time, I'll probably wait for a special which would have reduced the cost further.

I got them in the mail today. They fit great, they're just as strong and feel as good as the previous $310 glasses and I had completely forgotten I was wearing new glasses a couple of hours after slipping them on.

when a sandwich isn't a sandwich Sat, 18 Jan 2003

Back in the day I used to buy my lunch from one of the surrounding sub shops. That worked pretty well--it was \$5.00 a day or so and it guaranteed me a meal that sufficed to get me through the day.

Recently, I started to think about the economics involved:

     5      dollars a day
  *  5      days a week
  * 50      weeks a year (roughly factors in holidays and vacations)

I figure that I can make my own sandwiches and cut that cost at least in half. Thus I started to bring my own lunch most of the time.

The other day I bought Pepperidge Farms Sweet Buttermilk bread since it looked pretty substantial. However, I discovered a sandwich made using this bread is not unlike eating two spoonfuls of peanut butter and two spoonfuls of jelly. A sandwich is not a sandwich when the bread part of the sandwich is rather insubstantial.