Spearmint status: 05-29-2005

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Due to various miscalculations and misunderstandings, we left the spearmint in its tiny little pot outside during the winter and it appears to have expired.

However, S and I are moving in a couple of weeks and we're going to try again! This time, though, we'll get a plant that has some other uses; we discovered that we have no use for spearmint.

Spearmint status: 10-12-2004

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The plant is doing fine. I think I'm going to move it next year to a place on our porch that's not in direct sunlight for most of the day. Seems as though the plant and soil dry out too fast when I do that. If I can clean enough of the stuff in the study out, I'll put the plant in there.

I snipped some of the branches off and dried the leaves. I think I have enough spearmint for a couple of cups of tea now. Next year, I'll be more aggressive about clipping and drying.

Other than tea, I can't think of any good uses for mint. We might add another plant next year that's more useful to us. Probably basil.


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S and I bought a spearmint plant on Sunday and I repotted the plant (it had outgrown the pot they sold it to us in) and clipped off all the leaves that were either dead or in the process of dying.

Depending on how well we do with spearmint (which is really hearty and grows like a weed [and I may join the spearmint with some mint from my grandfather's house]), we may try growing our own basil. If the basil works as well, we may move on to other herbs!