Start of 48 hour film thingy!

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My brother is organizing the 48 hour film thingy in Boston which kicks off tonight! I'm helping out to usher and perform in secret kick-off rituals that I don't really understand but turn out to be vital to the doings and goings-on of the 48 hour film thingy!

Anyhow, if you're in the Boston area, there are four showings of the final films: two at the Brattle and two at the Somerville Theatre.

Lots of details and a half-naked picture of my brother HERE.

One interesting thing about this one is that it's Spring Forward this weekend--so they "extended" it an hour so that the groups don't lose an hour if that makes any sense. I think maybe one of my jobs will be to hand out extra hours at the door--one per group please!

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