Betahouse -- coworking environment

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I'm working for Participatory Culture Foundation (w00t!) and they're based in Worcestor, MA, so I've been telecommuting. A friend of mine helped start a co-working place a few months back and a couple of weeks ago I joined as a part-time renter. Long story short, they wrote about us in the Boston Globe. The article is a little funny in that it makes it sound like some big fancy thing, but really it's a couple of rooms with desks where a bunch of people work. I wasn't there when Carolyn came in and interviewed people--I was on my way to Oregon for a family reunion.

At Betahouse, I've been sitting at a desk in what I've decided to dub the Python room. It's myself, Nate Aune and another person whose name escapes me who also works for Jazkarta.

It's been exciting and they have a much faster internet connection than I do at home. Can't beat that.

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