Blogs about blogs--self-referential stuff

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Thought this was pretty interesting. Pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter as well except that I'd add that I think most people I know talk about thinking about doing things far far far more often than actually doing them. I sometimes wonder if the sheer amount of energy it takes for people to motivate themselves into just doing things and moving on is far far less or just far less than just doing things and moving on.

I've always been a believer in doing things when it's right to do them. I have a bunch of projects that are in various stages of limbo and research mostly because I'm stuck on one or more points in regards to them. Sometimes it's a resource issue (like time, money, or space) but usually it's an issue of components of the project that I haven't figured out yet. Anyhow, the end result is that I find I talk about the a lot with other people--but this has helped immensely because other people have different ideas and it's often that sort of exchange gets me over the next speedbump.

Regardless, I think talking about things ad infinitum is a bad habit to get into. Things just are. Talking about them invokes serious Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (princiPAL is your friend) issues.

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