bluesock upgrade almost done....

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I decided that one of the things I would do during "winter break" was to upgrade the hardware that sits on. There were a couple of minor issues, but otherwise the upgrade has gone very very smoothly. This time around, I'm writing up a massive "everything about this server" document. I think I may build a template out of it since it's the sort of thing that would be useful for other machines I have. It's much easier to deal with all the machines when I have an accounting of what went into them.

Anyhow, now has twice the oomph. Unfortunately, "upgrade bluesock" took several days to do, but it was only a single item in my todo list of around 25 items. I need to start adding items like "pat yourself on the back" and "take a nap" to my todo list--items that don't take too long to do and aren't as torturous when you look at a list of 25 of them.

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