Brook saved my life.

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This morning, I started my car, brushed the snow off, and then took a right at the end of Simpson Ave onto Highland Ave and discovered myself in the biggest parking lot _ever_.

A couple of weeks ago, Brook loaned me some cds and luckily I had them in my car. Partially because that's as far as they had gotten in their journey from his house to mine and partially because I don't really own a cd player except for the one in my car.

I turned on my car's stereo and slapped in Global Underground: Oslo and listened to that for a bit. That was kind of cool, but a bit non exciting. Then I saw a purple case and thought to myself, "Wow--purple.... I bet that's fantastic. I'll put that one in." So I put it in and it was AMAZING! I listened to it for 2 hours on my 8 mile trip to work this morning. Brook saved my life.

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