Apparently my photos are popular

Yeah. Not only are they popular, but they seem to really resound with the LiveJournal-under-18-years-old crowd. This group (there are several and a few at a couple of other sites) sources the image from my site and use it as the background of their weblogs. I'm going to refrain from issuing my opinion of the content of said weblogs... I will note that they should use the text of those weblogs as a big indicator that there are a lot of kids out there who should be flunking English classes.

Anyhow, I'm kind of flattered that they like it so much. I just wish they weren't causing my bandwidth to go through the roof. It'd be nice if they cited me as the original photographer... but in this wily world, not many seem to really care about that sort of thing.

Sad to say that I'm going to disappoint them all as I rename the file causing lots of 404 mayhem.

Update: I tossed it around and thought it'd be really funny to just switch the image to one that says "j00 sux0r! ha ha!" Those sites look really really funny now. :)

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