Most interesting way I ever got digits

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So this woman knocks on my door and tells me she's my neighbor. Turns out she's lost her cell phone and it's her only phone so she didn't have another phone to call her cell phone with so that it could announce its presence with an 8-bit symphonically annoying ring that makes students of classical music cringe in ulcer-oriented nausea.

She hands me a pink piece of paper with her number on it and tells me, very contrary to the typical 3 or 4 day waiting period between when you get digits and are supposed to dial them, to call her in 2 minutes. This is definitely the fastest women I've ever met.

She bounces off of my stoop and runs back to her house eager for my telephone call. I decided to check my mail. Interesting... a bill from Verizon. Seems all they send me is bills and brochures about new plans which would never in a thousand years match my calling habits or meet my needs. Silly phone company. If I ever start a phone company, I'm going to send people other things too. Like maybe a nice little notice, "Hi! We just wanted to say we were thinking of you! Hope you're having a wonderful day! From your friends at [insert Will's phone company's name here]"

After thinking about things for a bit, I called this poor damsel in distress. Her cell phone must have been pretty accessible... perhaps it was hidden by a plant of some kind. Maybe a cactus. Anyhow, it must have been pretty accessible since she found it on the second ring. She answered, "Thank you so very much! You helped me out so much!"

And that's the story of the most interesting way I've ever gotten digits. Actually, it's the only time I've ever gotten digits from someone I didn't know. Thus it's both the most and least interesting way I've ever gotten digits.

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