Hewlett Packard 10c: where can I find one?

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My grandfather is a (apologies if I get this wrong) Geotechnical Engineer and co-wrote Soil Mechanics, one of the seminal soil mechanics books.

Anyhow, he either broke or misplaced his HP 10c calculator recently and he's looking for another one. Turns out that the HP 10c calculator is considered "rare" now and HP hasn't made them for quite some time. It's in the Museum of HP Calculators.

I don't want to get into a discussion of why alternative calculators aren't good enough.

So, given that, any ideas on where I could get an HP 10c? I checked Ebay and there's one for sale, but it's up to like $160 now. Are there other places to look? Specific places ("Have you checked [site x]?") are better than generic ones ("You should check your local flea market"...). Any thoughts? Anyone have one they'd like to part with?

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