Insurance agents

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I switched from Premier Insurance to Amica Insurance a month ago. As I continue to interact with Amica about various things (renter's insurance, billing issues, ...), I'm increasingly happy I made the move. Premier was like a brick wall--any time I wanted to talk to them, I had to go through an agent and they would hem and haw about my problem and then mull over it and offer four thousand excuses and other useless bits of trivia and then finally get around to calling Premier and talking it over with them.

Most of my interactions with Premier involved classic man-in-the-middle-who-doesn't-understand-the-problem issues. Irritating.

I called up Amica, got a dedicated person to help me through switching over, answering my questions, and making sure everything went through ok. Every time I call them I get an intelligent human who knows what I'm talking about and helps me to fix the problem and my longest wait time has been three minutes. On top of that, they send me correspondence that's not written in insurance-speak and my premium is $150 less than it was with Premier.

Figured I'd write this up in case anyone else in the Massachusetts area had Premier and/or was looking to switch. Amica is good so far. At a bare minimum, it seems that if I were to have problems, they have the ability to help me through them.

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