A (mostly) relaxing day

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I got an email from Carol Spears (http://carol.gimp.org/) that caused me to take a day off to re-organize and relax a bit.

Anyhow, so no work for me today. I'm just going to clean out my email inbox, clean off my desk, figure out where I am with bills, do the dishes, and stuff like that. Maybe if I get really excited, I'll go grocery shopping.

I did spend a couple of minutes to update my blog to the most recent PyBlosxom in CVS. Thus I now have an ATOM 1.0 feed which seems to be working nicely. I'll look into the RSS 2.0 feed next, but that requires some planning because I don't want to hose any of the Planet feeds I'm on when I switch from the rss2renderer plugin to the native RSS 2.0 feed.

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