I have simple dreams

For instance, one dream is to make 500K and then go teach science or math in high school somewhere. Maybe New Hampshire or Vermont. I'd bet school systems could really use someone like me to hang out and get all the pieces working. The 500K part is there because that'd put me at a point in my life where I'm more wizened and less rambunctious (sp?) than I am now. It'd also make it easier on the school system money-wise if I didn't really need it. But that's a future-term dream.

My near-term dream is to take a nap with a pretty girl in a frolicing field of lilacs or daisies or something nice like that.

My near-near-term dream is to figure out how to get this piece of code working without doing the brute force method. There must be a quick corner-cutting easy way to fake this without doing a brute force method and still get the same quality results. I need to be the ball... Nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu....

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