Status 12/07/2006

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I had my last class of Semantics in Programming Languages today. We finished up with proving adequacy between the denotational semantics of the Untyped Lambda Calculus (the P-omega semantics from Scott) with the operational semantics. It was pretty wild stuff... Most of it a little over my head but mostly because we zipped through it due to the impending termination of class (class turns out not to be bottom--it does in fact terminate).

I have a bit more to do on a project for my Advanced Software Development class and I think I'm going to write up a case-study for using DAJ to build a unit tester with test cases described by a DSL. DAJ has all the pieces to make this very easy to design, build, maintain, and modify.

I'm going to be doing a research project related to DAJ next semester which I'm excited about. But... that's a month away at least. For now I'm going to prioritize and cruise through my backlog of stuff I've been sitting on. Like finishing up the work I was doing on PyBlosxom over the summer.

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