No more varium

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  Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 22:04:59 -0700
  Subject: Project Removal



  The varium project on, originally
  registered on 2000-01-14, meets the criteria we have set up for
  this purge.  If you fail to respond to this inquiry, your project
  will be removed in approximately 21 days.  A final warning will be
  sent in approximately 14 days if we have not yet heard from you.


I worked on Varium with Josh and Pat for a couple of years. The project started out in C, then we talked about embedding Perl, then we switched over to writing the whole thing in Python. That was in the end of 1998. It's what got me coding in Python and also what got me working on apsects of mud development--a hobby I continue to this day in several forms which has helped significantly with my career and growth as a developer.

Even though I stopped working on Varium in 2000 and started working on bluemud (another Python-based mud server) and then left that project to work on stringbean which hasn't really gotten very far (for all kinds of really good reasons), it's sad to see these sorts of beginnings finally pass into the quiet of the night.

I have access to the code-base if anyone is interested. As Josh pointed out, there's very little documentation (i.e. almost none), the code-base is messy, and it was written in the days of Python 1.5.2 when I (and likely my cohorts as well) didn't really know what I was doing in Python land.

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