Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.

I'm playing music in Winamp and the volume is too loud. It's at this point that I realize I'm going to have to find the fifty places that control volume on my machine. They are:

  • Winamp - has a volume slide thingy

  • Windows - has a volume slide thingy for "Wave"

  • Windows - has a volume slide thingy for "Main"

  • my laptop - has a master volume which is adjusted by the Fn and VolUp and VolDn keys

  • my headphones - has a volume thingy between the headphone jack and the headphones

There seem to be a lot of things in computing and life that are like this.

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