Who carries what?

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Gizmodo has done a few articles based on tech people and what gadgets they've got. They're just phenomenal. I have these "I have problem x and want to solve x, y, and z (with z being not so much of a priority) but really want the solution to fit in with my life" issues and reading about what these folks are carrying and why they're carrying those things is amazing. Most of the blurbs also include what gadgets they used to carry and why they stopped carrying them.

I wish there were more of these sorts of things around. I don't want to feel like a Ghostbuster walking around town with an unlicensed nuclear power pack on my back to power the myriad of things I'm carrying. I want to have the fewest number of highly functional gadgets on my person and I'd rather not go through trial and error to get to that point if I don't have to.

Anyhow, these articles are fantastic. The latest one is Dan Gilmor.

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