ElasticUtils v0.8 and v0.8.1 released!

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What is it?

ElasticUtils is a Python library for building and executing Elasticsearch searches.

v0.8 and v0.8.1 released!

I missed the announcement for v0.8, so I'll cover both v0.8 and v0.8.1 here.


  • ElasticUtils now requires at least pyelasticsearch 0.6
  • adds range query and filter
  • adds S.filter_raw
  • changes the Indexable.index arguments dropping force_insert and picking up overwrite_existing

For the complete list of what's new, What's new in Version 0.8.1

Many thanks to everyone who helped out: Jannis Leidel, Rob Hudson and Grégoire Vigneron.

If you have any questions, let us know! We hang out on #elasticutils on irc.mozilla.org.

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