Lyntin 4.0 beta 1 released

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It's been a long time coming, but I keep getting bogged down in other projects. I'm only releasing a tar.gz file. I wanted to do a Windows installer, but I can't seem to get an installer that builds a desktop shortcut. I don't really want to keep throwing time at it either. So if you're inclined to tackle this issue, let me know.

Things in this release:

  • Added Python distutils support (will make packaging much much easier).
  • Removed the Tintin eval mode and the idea of eval modes.
  • Refactored hooks. Hooks now pass around arguments in dicts rather than tuples--this is a big big change from 3.x.
  • Split much of Lyntin's internal configuration into the constants module and the config module.
  • Wrote a completely new configuration system.
  • Overhauled ui's so that they'll work correctly. This also makes it possible to write ui's in other widget systems.
  • Split the substitutes module into substitutes and gags.
  • Added a configuration ini file for setting boot options.
  • Added tagged actions and also the ability for actions to trigger off of text with/without ansi colors removed.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs, some documentation updates (but not many), and additional features here and there (most of which aren't documented yet--sorry guys).

If you discover bugs or have other problems, let me know. I'm on vacation 9/24 through 9/30--so email sent will likely get queued until I read it.

Download here (.tar.gz).

Rock on!

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