Decorators and Python

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It's really neat to watch skilled project managers step up to the podium and in a few paragraphs walk through what's happened, what the options are, why he/she is choosing a specific option, and then examine the process through which they arrived at that option and suggest ways of fixing the process itself. I've always loved to work for project managers that are highly aware of the immediate problems as well as the processes and machinery we're using to solve those problems and can actively tweak both.

Anyhow, Guido has written up his thoughts on the J2 proposal and seems like they're sticking with the <at> proposal. I honestly don't even know what decorators do--so I don't really know enough to care one way or another. I really hope some day soon I get some time to Dive into Python and catch up on some of the language features I'm really missing out on. It'd help my projects out a _bunch_.

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