released -- and thank yous

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We released yesterday and it took us 5 or 6 hours from tagging the branch to releasing builds. That's pretty cool and makes for a smooth release. Also, I didn't screw anything up this time. :)

I'm an employee of PCF so it's my job to work on Miro (and the other things I work on). However, I'm just one guy and time is a limited resource. There's no way I can triage, identify and fix all bugs. I appreciate all the help that I can get. I had a bunch of help this release.

I wanted to thank the following people for the time they spent submitting quality bugs, sending in patches, and helping me fix issues:

  • Simon from dbus-python who walked me through fixing the dbus-python deprecation issue and reviewed the code changes I made.
  • Markus who helped me with a variety of Gutsy and Gutsy packaging issues.
  • Paul who noticed our README was out of date and suggested changes.
  • Matthias who helped with Gutsy and Feisty packaging issues.
  • Gotz who helped with packaging issues.
  • Stéphane who helped with packaging issues.
  • Marco who helped with packaging issues.
If there's anyone else that helped out that I've forgotten, I apologize. Please kick me and/or comment below.

We're well on the path to a solid 1.0. When 1.0 is finally out, we start working through the architecture changes required for many of the features that have been suggested.

Want to comment? Send an email to willkg at bluesock dot org. Include the url for the blog entry in your comment so I have some context as to what you're talking about.