Dev call 10/28/2009 minutes

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  • Worked on Miro Community stuff over the week.
  • Talked about infrastructure for the MC services.


  • 2.5.3 looks like a pretty good release.
  • Tested Will's torrent-related fixes--looks good.
  • Testing Luc's subtitle work. Found some bugs with the subtitle code and older versions of OSX. Otherwise, it's looking good so far.
  • Talked a bit about Miro Community testing. We have a few volunteers helping, but there's still work to do.


  • Worked on subtitle stuff. Happy to see people are starting to test subtitle-enabled builds.
  • Worked out some bugs so it now works on 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6.
  • Working on getting subtitles working on Miro on Windows with VLC.
  • This is coming along nicely and we decided it should land in Miro 2.6 so we're going to move the work to the master branch.


  • Reworked Miro on Windows to use a packaged binary kit.
  • Switched Miro on Windows to use a pre-built libtorrent from the binary kit.
  • Planning to do the same for Miro on OSX.
  • Pushed out a set of Karmic packages for 2.5.3, but they aren't well tested.


  • Did some bug-fixing.


  • 23 bugs/feature-requests created
  • 12 bugs marked WORKSFORME
  • 1 bugs marked INVALID
  • 2 bugs marked DUPLICATE
  • 3 bugs marked WONTFIX
  • 3 bugs marked FIXED
  • 25 bugs marked INCOMPLETE
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