Dev call 4/21/2010 minutes

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Miro 3.1 status (roadmap)

  • we're going to extend the development cycle to May 10th
  • considering dropping support for OSX 10.4

Miro Community 1.0 status (roadmap)

  • coming along nicely


  • updated the appcast for Miro 3.0.1
  • worked on cobranded players
  • coordinated testing


  • worked on bug 13169: trying to get miro working with xulrunner 1.9.2
  • looking at ditching gtkmozembed


  • working on a new point release for Miro Community to get a bunch of bug fixes out to live sites
  • continuing to make good progress on Miro Community 1.0


  • landed conversion code in master
  • continued working on ui updates, adding menus, ... filling out the functionality
  • working on code to display conversion status


  • helped with getting 13169 worked out
  • helped with Bugzilla 3.6 setup
  • worked on copyright/license issues with Miro Video Converter
  • updated Miro User Manual


  • 12 bugs/feature-requests created
  • 2 bugs marked WONTFIX
  • 7 bugs marked FIXED
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