Dev call 5/19/2010 minutes

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Miro 3.0.2 status (roadmap)

  • needs testing and then will get pushed out

Miro 3.1 status (roadmap)

  • things need fixing; couple more things to implement; needs testing

Miro Community 1.0 status (roadmap)

  • some style changes needed; needs testing; might release this week?


  • Got the MacBook she has for testing up and running with 10.6
  • Did testing on Miro 3.0.2, 3.1
  • Worked on testing Miro Community and setting up regression testing and automated testing scripts
  • Started testing Miro Subtitles
  • Did some testing on final builds for Windows for Miro Video Converter


  • Getting really close to a Miro Community 1.0 release
  • Working on updating Miro Community to work on latest Django


  • Did nothing for a bit
  • Worked on getting Miro unit tests working better on OSX--running unit tests on OSX works fine now
  • Worked on fix for 3.0.2 which will make sure OSX 10.4 users don't get an update notification for Miro 3.1
  • Continued improving the OSX sandbox code


  • Fixed bugs related to libcurl changes.


  • Worked on bugs targeted for 3.0.2 and some 3.1 issues, too.


  • 23 bugs/feature-requests created
  • 2 bugs marked DUPLICATE
  • 13 bugs marked FIXED
  • 6 bugs marked INVALID
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