Gutsy package for Miro status (2)

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Someone (possibly Janet) created a gutsy keyword in Bugzilla, so I went through and tagged all the bugs that I think are gutsy related with the gutsy keyword:

There are a few other issues floating around that are related to our feisty packaging--I'm going to try to fix those while I'm fiddling with packaging.

I've copied over the debian-feisty packaging to debian-gutsy in the repository. Today I'm working on getting the kinks out of building, going through all the files to make sure they work, and testing the resulting package.

Once I get to a point where the resulting package is building and stable on both of my machines, I'll post the packages for other people to test.

That's where I am with things. I imagine this will be an all-day thing.

I'll post something here when I have a gutsy package ready for testing and solicit help in regards to testing from the people who have been posting bugs.

Any thoughts, suggestions, et al--comment below.

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