Input status: August 19th, 2014

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.


High-level summary:

It's been a slower two weeks than normal, but we still accomplished some interesting things:

  • L Guruprasad finished cleaning up the Getting Started guide--that work helps all future contributors. He did a really great job with it. Thank you!

  • Landed a minor rewrite to rate-limiting/throttling.

  • Redid the Elasticsearch indexing admin page.

  • Fixed some Heartbeat-related things.

Landed and deployed:

  • cf2e0e2 [[bug 948954]] Redo index admin

  • f917d41 Update Getting Started guide to remove submodule init (L. Guruprasad)

  • 5eb6d6d Merge pull request #329 from lgp171188/peepify_submodule_not_required_docs

  • c168a5b Update peep from v1.2 to v1.3

  • adf7361 [[bug 1045623]] Overhaul rate limiting and update limits

  • 7647053 Fix response view

  • f867a2d Fix rulename

  • 8f0c36e [[bug 1051214]] Clean up DRF rate limiting code

  • 0f0b738 [[bug 987209]] Add django-waffle (v0.10)

  • b52362a Make peep script executable

  • 461c503 Improvie Heartbeat API docs

  • 8f0ccd3 [[bug 1052460]] Add heartbeat view

  • d1604f0 [[bug 1052460]] Add missing template

Landed, but not deployed:

  • ed2923f [[bug 1015788]] Cosmetic: flake8 fixes (analytics)

  • afdfc6a [[bug 1015788]] Cosmetic: flake8 fixes (base)

  • 05e0a33 [[bug 1015788]] Cosmetic: flake8 fixes (feedback)

  • 2d9bc26 [[bug 1015788]] Cosmetic: flake8 fixes (heartbeat)

  • dc6e990 Add anonymize script

Current head: dc6e990

Rough plan for the next two weeks

  1. Working on Dashboards-for-everyone bits. Documenting the GET API. Making it a bit more functional. Writing up some more examples. (

  2. Update Input to ElasticUtils v0.10 ([bug 1055520])

  3. Land all the data retention policy work ([bug 946456])

  4. Gradients (

  5. Product administration views ([bug 965796])

Most of that is in some state of half-done, so we're going to spend the next couple of weeks focusing on finishing things.

What I need help with

  1. (django) Update to django-rest-framework 2.3.14 ([bug 934979]) -- I think this is straight-forward. We'll know if it isn't if the tests fail.

  2. (django, cookies, debugging) API response shouldn't create anoncsrf cookie ([bug 910691]) -- I have no idea what's going on here because I haven't looked into it much.

  3. (html) Fixing the date picker in Chrome ([bug 1012965]) -- The issue is identified. Someone just needs to do the fixing.

For details, see our GetInvolved page:

If you're interested in helping, let me know! We hang out on #input on and there's the input-dev mailing list.

Additional thoughts

We're in the process of doing a Personally Identifiable Information audit on Input, the systems it's running on and the processes that touch and move data around. This covers things like "what data are we storing?", "where is the data stored?", "who/what has access to that data?", "does that data get copied/moved anywhere?", "who/what has access to where the data gets copied/moved to?", etc.

I think we're doing pretty well. However, during the course of the audit, we identified a few things we should be doing better. Some of them already have bugs, one of them is being worked on already and the others need to be written up.

Some time this week, I'll turn that into a project and write up missing bugs.

That's about it!

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