Input status: December 18th, 2014

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.


It's been 3 months since the last status report. Crimey! That's not great, but it's even worse because it makes this report very long.

First off, lots of great work done by Adam Okoye, L. Guruprasad, Bhargav Kowshik, and Deshraj Yadav! w00t!

Second, we did a ton of stuff and broke 1,000 commits! w00t!

Third, I've promised to do more frequent status reports. I'll go back to one every two weeks.



High-level summary:

  • Lots of code quality work.

  • Updated ElasticUtils to 0.10.1 so we can upgrade our Elasticsearch cluster.

  • Heartbeat v2.

  • Overhauled the generic feedback form.

  • remote-troubleshooting data capture.

  • contribute.json file.

  • Upgrade to Django 1.6.

  • Upgrade to Python 2.7!!!!!

  • Improved and added to pre-commit and commit-msg linters.

Landed and deployed:

  • ce95161 Clarify source and campaign parameters in API

  • 286869e [bug 788281] Add update_product_details to deploy

  • bbedc86 [bug 788281] Implement basic events API

  • 1c0ff9f [bug 1071567] Update ElasticUtils to 0.10.1

  • 7fd52cd [bug 1072575] Rework smart_timedelta

  • ce80c56 [bug 1074276] Remove abuse classification prototype

  • 7540394 [bug 1075563] Fix missing flake8 issue

  • 11e4855 [bug 1025925] Change file names (Adam Okoye)

  • 23af92a [bug 1025925] Change all instances of to (Adam Okoye)

  • ae28c60 [bug 1025925] Change instances of of util relating to fjord/base/ (Adam Okoye)

  • bc77280 Add Adam Okoye to CONTRIBUTORS

  • 545dc52 [bug 1025925] Change test module file names

  • fc24371 [bug 1041703] Drop prodchan column

  • 9097b8f [bug 1079376] Add error-email -> response admin view

  • d3cfdfe [bug 1066618] Tweak Gengo account balance warning

  • a49f1eb [bug 1020303] Add rating column

  • 55fede0 [bug 1061798] Reset page number Resets page number when filter checkbox is checked (Adam Okoye)

  • 1d4fd00 [bug 854479] Fix ui-lightness 404 problems

  • a9bf3b1 [bug 940361] Change size on facet calls

  • c2b2c2b [bug 1081413] Move url validation code into fjord_utils.js Rewrote url validation code that was in generic_feedback.js and added it to fjord_utils.js (Adam Okoye)

  • 4181b5e [bug 1081413] Change code for url validation (Adam Okoye)

  • 2cd62ad [bug 1081413] Add test for url validation (Adam Okoye)

  • f72652a [bug 1081413] Correct operator in test_fjord_utils.js (aokoye)

  • c9b83df [bug 1081997] Fix unicode in smoketest

  • cba9a2d [bug 1086643] [bug 1086650] Redo infrastructure for product picker version

  • e8a9cc7 [bug 1084387] Add on_picker field to Product

  • 2af4fca [bug 1084387] Add on_picker to management forms

  • 1ced64a [bug 1081411] Create format test (Adam Okoye)

  • 00f8a72 Add template for mentored bugs

  • e95d0f1 Cosmetic: Move footnote

  • d0cb705 Tweak triaging docs

  • d5b35a2 [bug 1080816] Add A/B for ditching chart

  • fa1a47f Add notes about running tests with additional warnings

  • ddde83c Fix mimetype -> content_type and int division issue

  • 2edb3b3 [bug 1089650] Add a contribute.json file (Bhargav Kowshik)

  • d341977 [bug 1089650] Add test to verify that the JSON is valid (Bhargav Kowshik)

  • dcb9380 Add Bhargav Kowshik to CONTRIBUTORS

  • 7442513 Fix throttle test

  • f27e31c [bug 1072285] Update Django, django-nose and django-cache-machine

  • dd74a3c [bug 1072285] Update django-adminplus

  • ececdf7 [bug 1072285] Update requirements.txt file

  • 6669479 [bug 1093341] Tweak Gengo account balance warning

  • f233aab [bug 1094197] Fix JSONObjectField default default

  • 11193d7 Tweak chart display

  • 9d311ca Make journal.Record not derive from ModelBase

  • f778c9d Remove all Heartbeat v1 stuff

  • e5f6f4d Switch to

  • cab7050 [bug 1092296] Implement heartbeat v2 data model

  • 5480c42 [bug 1097352] Response view is viewable by all

  • 46b5897 [bug 1077423] Overhaul generic feedback form dev

  • da31b47 [bug 1077423] Update smoke tests for generic feedback form dev

  • e84094b Fix l10n email template

  • d6c8ea9 Remove gettext calls for product dashboards

  • e1a0f74 [bug 1098486] Remove under construction page

  • 032a660 Fix script history table

  • 19cec37 Fix JSONObjectField

  • 430c462 Improve display_history for l10n_status

  • d6c18c6 Windows NT 6.4 -> Windows 10

  • 73a4225 [bug 1097847] Update django-grappelli to 2.5.6

  • 4f3b9c7 [bug 1097847] Fix custom views in admin

  • 3218ea3 Fix JSONObjectfield.value_to_string

  • 67c6bf9 Fix RecordManager.log regarding instances

  • a5e8610 [bug 1092299] Implement Heartbeat v2 API

  • 17226db [bug 1092300] Add Heartbeat v2 debugging views

  • 11681c4 Rework env view to show python and django version

  • 9153802 [bug 1087387] Add feedback_response.browser_platform

  • f5d8b56 [bug 1087387] [bug 1096541] Clean up feedback view code

  • c9c7a81 [bug 1087391] Fix POST API user-agent inference code

  • 4e93fc7 [bug 1103024] Gengo kill switch

  • de9d1c7 Capture the user-agent

  • 4796e4e [bug 1096541] Backfill browser_platform for Firefox dev

  • f5fe5cf [bug 1103141] Add experiment_version to HB db and api

  • 98c40f6 [bug 1103141] Add experiment_version to views

  • 0996148 [bug 1103045] Create a menial hb survey view

  • 965b3ee [bug 1097204] Rework product picker

  • 6907e6f [bug 1097203] Add link to SUMO

  • e8f3075 [bug 1093843] Increase length of product fields

  • 2c6d24b [bug 1103167] Raise GET API throttle

  • d527071 [bug 1093832] Move feedback url documentation

  • 6f4eb86 Abstract out python2.6 in deploy script

  • f843286 Fix to take pythonbin as arg

  • 966da77 Add celery health check

  • 1422263 Add space before subject of celery health email

  • 5e07dbd [heartbeat] Add experiment1 static page placeholders

  • 615ccf1 [heartbeat] Add experiment1 static files

  • d8822df [heartbeat] Add SUMO links to sad page

  • 3ee924c [heartbeat] Add twitter thing to happy page

  • d87a815 [heartbeat] Change thank you text

  • 06e73e6 [heartbeat] Remove cruft, fix links

  • 8208a72 [heartbeat] Fix "addons"

  • 2eca74c [heartbeat] Show profile_age always because 0 is valid

  • 4c4598b [bug 1099138] Fix "back to picker" url

  • b2e9445 Add note about "Commit to VCS" in l10n docs

  • 9c22705 Heartbeat: instrument email signup, feedback, NOT Twitter (Gregg Lind)

  • 340adf9 [heartbeat] Fix DOCTYPE and ispell pass

  • 486bf65 [heartbeat] Change Thank you text

  • d52c739 [heartbeat] Switch to use Input GA account

  • f07716b [heartbeat] Fix favicons

  • eff9d0b [heartbeat] Fixed page titles

  • 969c4a0 [heartbeat] Nix newsletter form for a link

  • dce6f86 [heartbeat] Reindent code to make it legible

  • dad6d82 [bug 1099138] Remove [DEV] from title

  • 4204b43 fixed typo in getting_started.rst (Deshraj Yadav)

  • 7042ead [bug 1107161] Fix hb answers view

  • a024758 [bug 1107809] Fix Gengo language guesser

  • 808fa83 [bug 1107803] Rewrite Response inference code

  • d9e8ffd [bug 1108604] Tweak paging links in hb data view

  • 00e8628 [bug 1108604] Add sort and display ts better in hb data view

  • 17b908a [bug 1108604] Change paging to 100 in hb data view

  • 39dc943 [bug 1107083] Backfill versions

  • fee0653 [bug 1105512] Rip out old generic form

  • b5bb54c Update grappelli in requirements.txt file

  • f984935 [bug 1104934] Add ResponseTroubleshootingInfo model

  • c2e7fd3 [bug 950913] Move 'TRUNCATE_LENGTH' and make accessable to other files (Adam Okoye)

  • b6f30e1 [bug 1074315] Ignore deleted files for linting in pre-commit hook (L. Guruprasad)

  • 4009a59 Get list of .py files to lint using just git diff (L. Guruprasad)

  • c81da0b [bug 950913] Access TRUNCATE_LENGTH from generic_feedback template (Adam Okoye)

  • 9e3cec6 [bug 1111026] Fix hb error page paging

  • b89daa6 Dennis update to master tip

  • 61e3e18 Add django-sslserver

  • 93d317b [bug 1104935] Add remote.js

  • ad3a5cb [bug 1104935] Add browser data section to generic form

  • cc54daf [bug 1104935] Add browserdata metrics

  • 31c2f74 Add jshint to pre-commit hook (L. Guruprasad)

  • 68eae85 Pretty-print JSON blobs in hb errorlog view

  • 8588b42 [bug 1111265] Restrict remote-troubleshooting to Firefox

  • b0af9f5 Fix sorby error in hb data view

  • 8f622cf [bug 1087394] Add browser, browser_version, and browser_platform to response view (Adam Okoye)

  • c4b6f85 [bug 1087394] Change Browser Platform label (Adam Okoye)

  • eb1d5c2 Disable expansion of $PATH in the provisioning script (L. Guruprasad)

  • 59eebda Cosmetic test changes

  • aac733b [bug 1112210] Tweak remote-troubleshooting capture

  • 6f24ce7 [bug 1112210] Hide browser-ask by default

  • 278095d [bug 1112210] Note if we have browser data in response view

  • 869a37c [bug 1087395] Add fields to CSV output (Adam Okoye)

Landed, but not deployed:

  • 4ee7fd6 Update the name of the pre-commit hook script in docs (L. Guruprasad)

  • d4c5a09 [bug 1112084] create requirements/dev.txt (L. Guruprasad)

  • 4f03c48 [bug 1112084] Update provisioning script to install dev requirements (L. Guruprasad)

  • 03c5710 Remove instructions for manual installation of flake8 (L. Guruprasad)

  • a36a231 [bug 1108755] Add a git commit message linter (L. Guruprasad)

Current head: f0ec99d

Rough plan for the next two weeks

  1. PTO. It's been a really intense quarter (as you can see) and I need some rest. Maybe a nap. Plus we have a deploy freeze through to January, so we can't push anything out anyhow. I hope everyone else gets some rest, too.

That's it!

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