Input status: March 18th, 2015

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.

What is it?

The purpose of Input is to collect actionable feedback from our user base across each channel of our software development process. The application collects feedback and offers a set of analysis methods for looking at the resulting data.

Project site.

This is a status post about Input.


High-level summary:

  • new Alerts API

  • Heartbeat fixes

  • bunch of other minor fixes and updates

Thank you to contributors!:

  • L Guruprasad: 6

  • Ricky Rosario: 2

Landed and deployed:

  • 73eaaf2 [bug 1103045] Add create survey form (L. Guruprasad)

  • e712384 [bug 1130765] Implement Alerts API

  • 6bc619e [bug 1130765] Docs fixes for the alerts api

  • 1e1ca9a [bug 1130765] Tweak error msg in case where auth header is missing

  • 067d6e8 [bug 1130765] Add support for Fjord-Authorization header

  • 1f3bde0 [bug 909011] Handle amqp-specific indexing errors

  • 3da2b2d Fix alerts_api requests examples

  • 601551d Cosmetic: Rename heartbeat/ to heartbeat/

  • 8f3b8e8 [bug 1136810] Fix UnboundLocalError for "showdata"

  • 1721758 Update help_text in api_auth initial migration

  • 473e900 Fix migration for fixing AlertFlavor.allowed_tokens

  • 2d3d05a [bug 1136809] Fix (person, survey, flow) uniqueness issues

  • 3ce45ec Update schema migration docs regarding module-level docstrings

  • 2a91627 [bug 1137430] Validate sortby values

  • 6e3961c Update setup docs for django 1.7. (Ricky Rosario)

  • 6739af7 [bug 1136814] Update to Django 1.7.5

  • 334eed7 Tweak commit msg linter

  • ac35deb [bug 1048462] Update some requirements to pinned versions. (Ricky Rosario)

  • 8284cfa Clarify that one token can GET/POST to multiple alert flavors

  • 7a60497 [bug 1137839] Add start_time/end_time to alerts api

  • 7a21735 Fix flavor.slug tests and eliminate needless comparisons

  • 89dbb49 [bug 1048462] Switch some github url reqs to pypi

  • e1b62b5 [bug 1137839] Add start_time/end_time to AlertAdmin

  • 3668585 [bug 1103045] Add update survey form (L. Guruprasad)

  • ab706c6 [bug 1139510] Update selenium to 2.45

  • 6df753d Cosmetic: Minor cleanup of server error testing

  • 1dcaf62 Make throw_error csrf exempt

  • ceb53eb [bug 1136840] Fix error handling for better debugging

  • 92ce3b6 [bug 1139545] Handle all exceptions

  • e33cf9f [bug 1048462] Upgrade gengo-python from 0.1.14 to 0.1.19

  • 4a8de81 [bug 1048462] Remove nuggets

  • ff9f01c [bug 1139713] Add received_ts field to hb Answer model

  • d853fa9 [bug 1139713] Fix received_ts migration

  • ae5cb13 [bug 1048462] Upgrade django-multidb-router to 0.6

  • 649b136 [bug 1048462] Nix django-compressor

  • 1547073 Cosmetic: alphabetize requirements

  • e165f49 Add note to compiled reqs about py-bcrypt

  • ecdd00f [bug 1136840] Back out new WSGIHandler

  • cc75bef [bug 1141153] Upgrade Django to 1.7.6

  • d518731 [bug 1136840] Back out rest of WSGIHandler mixin

  • 12940b0 [bug 1139545] Wrap hb integrity error with logging

  • 8b61f14 [bug 1139545] Fix "get or create" section of HB post view

  • d44faf3 [bug 1129102] ditch ditchchart flag (L. Guruprasad)

  • 7fa256a [bug 1141410] Fix unicode exception when feedback has invalid unicode URL (L. Guruprasad)

  • c1fe25a [bug 1134475] Cleanup all references to input-dev environment (L. Guruprasad)

Landed, but not deployed:

Current head: 9b3e263

Rough plan for the next two weeks

  1. removing settings we don't need and implementing environment-based configuration for instance settings

  2. preparing for 2015q2

End of OPW and thank you to Adam!

March 9th was the last day of OPW. Adam did some really great work on Input which is greatly appreciated. We hope he sticks around with us. Thank you, Adam!

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