Missed another Python Meetup!

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Bah--that's the second Python Cambridge Meetup I've missed out of two. The first one was three days before I was to be married. I wanted to go but it wasn't in the cards. The second one was tonight, but I was confused and thought it was tomorrow night. Fiddlesticks!

Boston PIG 5-12-2005

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I finally attended the Boston Python Meetup monthly meeting. Nate did a presentation on ArchGenXML for building archetypes in Plone. I have no Plone/ZOPE experience, though I do know what they are and I've followed the projects for a bit. The presentation was really interesting and definitely broke the Plone/ZOPE ice for me.

Update - The Boston Python Interest Group (Boston-PIG) no longer uses Meetup. The web-site for the group is now at http://wiki.python.org/moin/BostonPig.