Migrated my server

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I run my own server and have been for like 10 years now. It's moved around over the years. Most recently it's been at ServerBeach. A little under a year ago, they obsoleted the server hardware I was using and their pricing was such that I would have to pay more going forward. So I figured it was time to jump ship to a VM somewhere.

Not too long after that, I got to talking with Asheesh about my dilemna. He mentioned how he wanted to build a new server and run a bunch of VMs on it. I helped him pay for the hardware. He bought all the bits, put it together, and then looked around for somewhere to host it. He decided to park it at Cernio--they're fantastic.

In October, the new bluesock instance came up. I finally bit the bullet and did the migration from the old server to the new one yesterday.

There are probably still some things not working, but I think most of it is functional now.

Yay for migrations! Yay for friends! Yay for cutting my server costs from $1200 a year to $120!

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