OpenZaurus 3.5.2 released

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The OpenEmbedded/OpenZaurus folks released 3.5.2 today. I flashed with the new image and it's pretty cool, though I don't notice any differences. Mostly I just flashed and pressed a bunch of buttons and then shut it off.

I need to get a case before I really want to bring it around with me. I'm still paranoid that I'm going to break it while using it. I need to get a wireless card or figure out how to sync with the docking station or something similar so I can back up my information.

Installing OZ 3.5.1 and OPIE on a Zaurus 5600

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I have a Sharp Zaurus 5600 that I bought when had them for like $260 (might have been $280). It was a price at which I decided it was definitely worth getting a handheld computer with a thumboard that was running Linux.

Anyhow, so I ended up with a minor issue... The Zaurus 5600 I got had a PXA 250 Intel chip which has some problem with caching or something like that. The PXA 255 chip fixes this problem. In order for Linux to work on the device, they slowed down the something or other. So I think the end result is that the 5600 with the PXA 250 is slower than the 5600 with the PXA 255. I'm really fuzzy on all of that mostly because I don't really care a whole lot.

The OE team put out the 3.5.1 OZ release a couple of weeks ago. I followed the instructions here and downloaded the files from here.

Everything seems to be working on the pda itself. OPIE is pretty neat--I'm definitely very excited. The ability to rotate the screen is awesome. It's definitely a lot more snappy than the Sharp ROM that comes with the Zaurus 5600 itself.

Next step is to get a wireless card. After that, I want to install some games for those dull moments in life.