There isn't a whole lot to say about it yet. I've built a unix shell that does the following:


This is mostly an excercise in learning all the pieces involved in terminal emulation, shells, job execution, scripting, and such. So it covers a lot of random areas of study.

And i want the shell to be more interactive. So it'll be able to figure out which processes use the screen and which don't. For processes that don't use the screen, harsh will let you know what's going on. That's kind of cool--so you don't get spammed in an emacs session or similar. Mildly important because then you can track events from the shell perspective as opposed to launching a bazillion processes that track stuff in the background.

I want the shell to be running "agents" in the background which could be watching data (watch-dog agents), or collecting data, or even just monitoring background processes.


No distributable stuff yet. It's mostly a toy still.