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Package driver


Stringbean's architecture looks like this:
  ----- mud world -----     data/
  |                   |
  ------ mudlib -------     mudlib/
  |                   |
  ------ driver -------     driver/

This is the driver for Stringbean. It provides the core functionality that the mudlib uses to do things: events, event handler, network connections, filesystem components, arbitrary module importing, and message hooks.

The Engine object is the singleton that encapsulates the hooks and event queue.
  • driverapi: This is an api for driver stuff.
  • engine: Holds the Engine class which manages the following things:
  • event: Holds the Event superclass and a few subclasses that are used in the driver.
  • filesystem: This module should abstract the mud from the filesystem.
  • manager: Managers manage things.
  • network: This is the network module which holds the MasterServer and the Connection objects and handles all socket interface things.
  • utils: This has a series of utility functions that aren't related to specific classes in the application.

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