CSG260 materials

This is a list of materials I've been collecting that are relevant to CSG260 and the things we're doing.


  1. CSG260 links
  2. SAT Solver Interface
  3. willg implementation
  4. Outsourcing implementation tester
  5. Notes on CSP
  6. Theo's AspectJ usage doc

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CSG260 Links

I've been looking for test inputs and looking into ways of generating test inputs. These are links related to that:

Sam and I wrote a verifier program which takes inputs in either the format that Daniel suggested or the format Ahmed created based on CSPXML and an output that we agreed upon and verifies whether the assignment in the output satisfies the formula from the input.

SAT Solver Interface

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willg implementation

README file in the .jar file explains usage and such. Makefile should build it nicely.

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outsourcing team tester of all testers

README file in the .jar file explains usage and such. Makefile should build it nicely. It requires demeterj-0.8.5 rt.jar and someone's implementation.

NOTE: You must unpack the jar in order to run the tester--you cannot run it from the jar. The problem is that DJ can't find class graph nodes. I suspect the issue is that DJ can't look inside jar files for them.

The testfile grammar is like this:

TestFile = <tests> List(Test) .
Test : ComputeBiasTest | UpdateBiasTest common <result> Result .

ComputeBiasTest = "computebiastest" <testname> TestName <pairs> List(Pair) .
UpdateBiasTest = "updatebiastest" <testname> TestName <beforepoly> Polynomial <pairs> List(OPair) .

Pair = <r> Integer ":" <frac> Double .
OPair = <op> Op <r> Integer ":" <frac> Double .
Op : Added | Subtracted .
Added = "+" .
Subtracted = "-" .

Polynomial = "(" <x3> SDouble "," <x2> SDouble "," <x1> SDouble "," <x0> SDouble ")" .
TestName = <s> Ident .

Result = "result" <v> Double <poly> Polynomial .

SDouble : PDouble | NDouble common <v> Double .
PDouble = .
NDouble = "-" .

List(S) ~ S { S } .

If you're interested in adding other test types to the tester, let me know. Given the way it's organized, it shouldn't be that difficult to do.

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Notes on CSP

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Theo's AspectJ Usage on CCS

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