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On this gapingvoid blog entry, Hugh says this:

2. I am more interested in the subject of how one remains creative, how one retains one's humanity, within the confines of the rat-race, far more than I am concerned with the subject of escaping the rat-race altogether.

Rather than quitting my current job to go off and do something 'creative'-- write a novel, open a bed & breakfast in Vermont, start a scented candle mail-order business, whatever--frankly I'd prefer just to keep on finding new and creative ways to get more from the job situation I already have.

That's an awesome thought. In this world where so many people are struggling to "discover their true selves", I think in doing so, they cease to be a positive functioning part of society and that only makes their problems worse. And it drives the people around them crazy, too. I mean, really, who wants to hang out with someone who's main hobby is finding their "true self"?

As an aside, I think that the hunt for "true self" and that train of thought and life questioning is utter hogwash. True self? Silliness. You are what you do and what you've done. You are not your inner fantasy of who you think you are. You can see yourself in the mirror; you can see yourself by understanding how others see you. You are not a singular individual in a contextless void. You're a node in the fabric of social structure--your family, your friends, the people you interact with day to day. That's who you are. If your primary hobby is finding your "true self", then you are lost. It's not the other way around....

Regardless, gapingvoid is a great blog. Great art and great thoughts.

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