Mugshot: disabling notifications of my events

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I decided that it's silly for Mugshot to notify me with notification balloon things of what I'm doing given that I already know what I'm doing because I'm the one doing it[1]. I thought about this for a bit and I can understand why other people might want to be notified of the things they're doing if only because it allows you to quip and other social-connection things. However, when I'm flipping through tracks in Rhythmbox to find something that fits my mood, I get a bunch of notifications and it's kind of silly.

I signed up for a Mugshot bugzilla account and was all ready to submit a bug detailing how while it's nice for Mugshot to tell me what I'm doing, I'd rather it didn't. As I'm writing up the bug report, it occurs to me that I might be able to disable it. I clicked on the Mugshot face, clicked on the filter button, and discovered I can filter out notifications of my events.

That's what I did instead of working on the LaTeX markup for a table mapping XML Schema terms/ideas to Demeter class dictionary terms/ideas.

[1] - If I don't know what I'm doing, then I probably have other more pressing problems to deal with.

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