Weirdness, but then maybe not

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It's pretty weird that The Passion of the Christ is in the top 10 IMDb quotes pages list. Well, now that I think about it, maybe I'm not that surprised.

I was listening to one of Ed's cd's (I talked about Ed in a previous post--his movie "Mounting Evidence" really kicked ass at the 48 Hour Film Project) when I was at his house the other day. One of the songs has a refrain along the lines of, "No really--I said no killing! Which word didn't you understand?"

We're all just a bunch of folks trying to get by whichever way you slice it. Most folks had a hard day--most folks have a hard day every day. It's easy to be nice to nice people. Being nice to the people who aren't so nice will help to make the world more pleasant for everyone.

I've re-written this entry four or five times now in an attempt not to turn preachy. But whatever. Everyone should be reminded every now and then to chill out and be nice.

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