Testing in PyBlosxom

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Doug was going to do a unit testing or a regression testing or some kind of testing system in PyBlosxom so that we'd have testing and wouldn't have to do the manual testing and the "well, gee, it must work because I don't think I did anything wrong" [1] type testing. But then he ran out of time or interest or something. That time period of PyBlosxom development was a little rough for all of us.

Anyhow, I bumped into this blog entry on Functional testing in Paste which at first blush looks fantastically awesome for testing PyBlosxom stuff. It's based on testing applications with Paste (Paste).

I'm tossing this in the blog in case anyone is interested in working on fleshing this possibility out or in case I discover some free time with nothing to do.

[1] I'm a huge offender of this in regards to side projects.

06/01/2005: Added a necessary footnote.

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