bugzilla stats: 2007

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Other projects are publishing their Bugzilla stats, so I took 30 minutes and threw together a script to run some numbers against our Bugzilla instance.

Two things to keep in mind when looking at these numbers:

  1. We migrated our bugs from Trac to Bugzilla in mid-August. Trac wasn't working out for us and we've got a lot of crufty bug data still hanging around since then.
  2. The numbers are slices of data. They can indicate things, but there's a lot of context that they don't take into account. So it's good to be careful about drawing conclusions based solely on the numbers reported.
Stats for the year: 2007


Total bugs created: 4052
      41 - Miro Mediabar
       3 - getmiro.com
      35 - Broadcast Machine
    3809 - Miro
     164 - Miroguide

Bug activity:
     736 - FIXED
     170 - INVALID
      35 - WONTFIX
     139 - DUPLICATE
     169 - WORKSFORME
       0 - MOVED
       0 - NEEDSINFO

    4052 - CREATED
   13564 - COMMENTS


Users created: 645

Top 7 bug reporters:
    3172 - Janet
     138 - Dean Jansen
     102 - Nicholas Reville
      52 - Nick Nassar
      47 - sg
      35 - Fluteman
      28 - Ben Dean-Kawamura

Top 7 bug commenters:
   10354 - Janet
     331 - Nick Nassar
     315 - Will Guaraldi
     312 - Ben Dean-Kawamura
     286 - Luc Heinrich
     259 - Dean Jansen
     217 - Paul Swartz

There are a few things I want to point out.

First, is that we've got 645 new Bugzilla users since mid-August. That's really great!

Second, is that Janet is not a machine that generates 10 bugs and 30 comments every day. What's going on is that I tied her Bugzilla userid to all the bugs I migrated from Trac for which I had no userid to tie to.

Third, sg and Fluteman are really fantastic. The work they're doing is making a huge difference in the direction and quality of Miro. Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who's helped out in 2007. I hope the numbers for 2008 are doubly-impressive. :)

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