status: week ending 1/8/2008

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I spent the last week:

  • fixing some bugs (9373, 8138, 9383, 9372, 9414)
  • doing some bug triage
  • reworking the Ubuntu packaging scripts to use pbuilder (much easier to build packages and pbuilder verifies the build-depends)
  • added a NEEDSINFO resolution to Bugzilla
  • tweaked some stuff so we can tag with names like Miro-x.y instead of Democracy-Player-x.y
  • mothered through Miro 1.1 rc0 and rc1
I'll be spending this week:
  • finishing up the Miro 1.1 release
  • finishing up the Miro 1.1.1 release (with turbo co-branding ass-kicking action)
  • working on Mediabar
  • fixing some more bugs
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