status: week ending 02/12/2008

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This actually covers two weeks of work because I was in Florida for a bit in between.

Things I did:

  • implemented 5403 and 8619 for GTKX11 and Windows
  • worked on Mediabar specs (briefly)
  • went to the Worcester office to hang out with the Nicks
  • bought a Mac mini for Boston devs
  • wrote a blog entry about the Firefox 3 work I did so it's clearer as to what I was working on and how it impacts Miro
  • did a 1.1.2 release which contains the exception text for OpenSSL and GPL co-existence (though it's not entirely clear if I did this right)
  • did some bug-fixing on GTKX11 to get the timebar and video information displaying correctly
  • did some re-working of the theme I'm using on my devblog so it's less annoying--still needs some help, though
Things I'm working on this week:
  • finishing up work on bugs 5403 and 8619 (though I may end up giving up--I'm not really following where oid comes from in the strings)
  • go through the bugs and do some more light triage work and start marking bugs that look bite-sized as such
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