status: week ending 2/19/2008

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It was a pretty slow week.

  • I spent some time trying to implement 5403 and 8619 on Mac OSX, but then discovered that Luc must use some gui builder tool that I don't have. So I ended up passing those two bugs off to him.
  • I spent some time doing bug triage.
  • I fixed a few problems from code flux.
  • I worked on 9521 for a few days. It's a lot more complicated than I thought it was partially because it touches sections of the code I haven't touched yet. Nassar thinks it's probably not something we want to bother with. I think I might be able to implement it, but I think it'll take a week to get it right. I think we should defer it to a future version.

Things I'm planning on doing this week:

  • Possibly continue working on 9521 depending on the call.
  • The two-stage installer bug is still out there and I have access to pcf3 now, so I think I can solve it. I sent an email to plans regarding that site being all kinds of bit-rotty and whether I should spend time fixing it, but didn't get any replies.
  • We got a patch for bug 8793 for implementing ratio restrictions for torrents for GTKX11. The bulk of the patch is the glade code for GTKX11; the actual code is pretty trivial. I'd like to look into this and probably apply it.
  • Check out Miro on Ubuntu Hardy (which is in alpha 4 now) and get a feel for where it's at.
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