O'Reilly is such an amazing company

This just blows my mind. To date, I've never read an O'Reilly book I thought was a waste of time. I've never had anyone ever tell me they think O'Reilly was a sucky publisher and that their books were terrible. I've never heard anything negative about them at all--as near as I can tell, everyone thinks they're great. On top of that, Tim O'Reilly is a pretty cool guy. That's pretty unusual.

Then they do really intensely cool stuff like adopting the Founders' Copyright. Granted, it's for old books and most people don't find value in those older texts, but what a cool thing to do and those books _do_ have value. There's a lot of wisdom in those old texts--nothing to laugh about. If people read more of them, there would be a lot fewer web-programming noobs running around with not a clue in their collective noggins.

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