Bleach v3.0.0 released!

What is it?

Bleach is a Python library for sanitizing and linkifying text from untrusted sources for safe usage in HTML.

Bleach v3.0.0 released!

Bleach 3.0.0 focused on easing the problems with the html5lib dependency and fixing regressions created in the Bleach 2.0 rewrite

For the first, I vendored html5lib 1.0.1 into Bleach and wrote a shim module. Bleach code uses things in the shim module which import things from html5lib. In this way I:

  1. keep the two separated to some extent

  2. the shim is easy to test on its own

  3. it shouldn't be too hard to update html5lib versions

  4. we don't have to test Bleach against multiple versions of html5lib (which took a lot of time)

  5. no one has to deal with Bleach requiring one version of html5lib and other libraries requiring other versions

I think this is a big win for all of us.

The second was tricky. The Bleach 2.0 rewrite changed clean and linkify from running in the tokenizing step of HTML parsing to running after parsing is done. The parser (un)helpfully would clean up the HTML before passing it to Bleach. Because of that, the cleaned text would end up with all this extra stuff.

For example, with Bleach 2.1.4, you'd have this:

>>> import bleach
>>> bleach.clean('This is terrible.<sarcasm>')
'This is terrible.&lt;sarcasm&gt;&lt;/sarcasm&gt;'

The tokenizer would parse out things that looked like HTML tags, the parser, would see an end tag that didn't have a start tag and would add the start tag, then clean would escape the start and end tags because they weren't in the list of allowed tags. Blech.

Bleach 3.0.0 fixes that by tweaking the tokenizer to know about the list of allowed tags. With this knowledge, it can see a start, end, or empty tag and strip or escape it during tokenization. Then the parser doesn't try to fix anything.

With Bleach 3.0.0, we get this:

>>> import bleach
>>> bleach.clean('This is terrible.<sarcasm>')
'This is terrible.&lt;sarcasm&gt;'

What I could use help with

I could use help with improving the documentation. I think it's dense and all over the place focus-wise. I find it difficult to read.

If you're good with documentation, I sure could use your help. See issue 397 for more.

Where to go for more

For more specifics on this release, see here:

Documentation and quickstart here:

Source code and issue tracker here:

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